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the TPSC service department takes the stress out of cleaning and maintaining your pool or spa, with our experts being on-site and ensuring quality solutions are delivered to our clients. from one-off services or regular maintenance, ask us how we can help today.

computerised water analysis

TPSC provides a free comprehensive water analysis using the latest computerised analysis technology provided by Bioguard. just bring a water sample from your pool or spa into the store and receive tailored instructions on how to balance your water, ensuring your pool or spa is safe for swimming.

regular maintenance

leave the dirty work to us by engaging TPSC to regularly come on-site to maintain your pool and spa, ensuring you have healthy, safe and crystal clear water, all year round, without having to lift a finger.

service requests

with summer just around the corner, now is the time to get your pool and spa out of winter hibernation and ready for swimming. the TPSC service department can lend a hand in cleaning up a green pool, installing or servicing equipment, or by just providing a general clean up.

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