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TPSC stock a wide range of products from industry leading brands - including Bioguard, Kreepy Krauly, Zodiac, Hayward, Astral, and more - to minimise effort and maximise the enjoyment you and your family receive from your pool and/or spa.


Chlorine, Salt, Buffer, Calcium, Acid - the list of chemicals used to maintain a pool or spa goes on. These are the products we rely on to keep our water sparkling and swimmers safe. TPSC stock only the highest quality of chemicals from suppliers such as Bioguard, Purex, Algons, Poppits, Cheetham and the like. 

salt chlorination

Salt chlorination has become the sanitation of choice for many Australian pool and spa owners. Benefits of having salt chlorinated water include; reduced maintenance costs, system automation, ease of use, and provide proven health benefits for bathers. Zodiac, APP, Astral and Hayward are just some of the brands available for purchase at TPSC.


Achieving shimmering, sparkling, clear pool and spa water lies with the filtration system. TPSC stock a range of filtration systems from sand and cartridge filters, to glass-media and cyclonic filters. Whatever the requirement, our staff are trained to ensure the filter system you choose will ensure your pool or spa looks immaculate all year round.


Would you like a warmer, cleaner pool, for more months of the year – whilst also saving money on off your water, power, and chemical bills? Look no further than a pool/spa cover. Covers keep the heat, chemicals and water in your pool/spa whilst keeping unwanted debris out. TPSC sell a wide range of made-to-order, custom covers for all applications, in a variety of colours. We can even install the cover for you.


Enjoy your pool well into the night with TPSC's range of pool and spa lights. LED technology has provided a range of multi coloured lights, coming with a range of features and patterns, without the need of ever having to change the globes - with most models being able to retro-fit to replace any old, tired lights. TPSC supply new and replacement lights from industry leaders such as Spa Electrics and Waterco. Halogen lights are also available upon request.


There is no substitute for safety around pools and spas and should be taken very seriously. TPSC stocks a range of safety equipment for pools and spas - from swimming aids and flotation devices, to charts and signage - including the most up-to-date CPR charts. Ensure your pool meets the current standards and have the confidence that all swimmers will be safe in your pool and/or spa.

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automatic cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners make keeping your pool free from dust, debris and algae a breeze!  The latest power-operated robotic pool cleaners use an independent filtration system to guarantee a spotless pool in under 3 hours. Alternatively, conventional suction cleaners leverage your current filtration system to ensure a flawless pool year-round. TPSC offer a range of robotic and suction cleaners from industry leaders including Kreepy Krauly, Zodiac/Baracuda and Hayward.


The main workhorse behind any pool or spa is the water pump - used to power automatic cleaners, pump water through the filtration system or heater, and return water back to the pool through jets or a water feature. Pumps have now become quieter, more powerful, and most importantly, more cost and energy efficient than ever. TPSC stock all types of pumps including conventional single-speed, multi-speed and modern variable speed - each being able to provide value depending on the application.

spare parts

TPSC carry a vast array of spare parts for pools, spas, and related equipment – from pump baskets, to pipe fittings, or solar heating connections. If a spare part is not in stock, TPSC has built relationships with industry leading suppliers, which can be leveraged to source the part you require.


Heating a swimming pool, swim spa, or jacuzzi is a great way to extend the time that you and your family can enjoy swimming - especially in the colder months of the year. When choosing a heating solution, it is important to consider factors such as the type of pool/spa, location, desirable yearly usage, initial budget, and ongoing operational costs. TPSC can aid in the selection and installation process with expertise in solar, gas and electric heating solutions for both pools and/or spas.

cleaning equipment

TPSC stock a wide range of quality cleaning equipment to ensure you have the right tools to minimise the time spent cleaning your pool and spa. Common equipment includes; Brooms, Brushes, Poles, Leaf Rakes, Vacuum Heads, and Hoses. Speciality and Commercial grade equipment is also available upon request.

fun stuff

TPSC have a range of pool toys in stock to ensure swimmers are entertained in the pool or spa. We stock dive sticks, inflatables, games, and air beds, from suppliers such as Wahu and Intex. A range of snorkels, goggles, headbands and ear plugs are also available.

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