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Last Updated 06/08/2020

Under the current stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, our doors will be closed until Sunday, 13 September. We will be implementing strict Covid-19 safety guidelines which align with our Covid Safe Plan.

No customers will be permitted to enter the store during this time.

Our trading hours will also be reduced.

You can contact us during this time through the following channels:
Phone: 03 9338 9776
Mobile: 0413 263 534


Water Testing
We will be conducting a contactless drop-off water testing service during this period during designated time to ensure your pool and spa remains clean, healthy and sanitised.

Process is as follows:


  1. Customer to drop off water sample bottle into designated container outside the shop

  2. Customer to return to the car and text/call us to provide the following details:

    • Full Name

    • Mobile Number

    • Email Address

  3. TPSC will conduct your water test while you wait in the car

  4. TPSC will call you to discuss your water test results

  5. Customer can then place an order for any products required and we will bring these out to you, along with your water sample bottle and water test analysis

Designated Water Testing Drop-Off Times: (subject to change)

Monday – Friday:10:00am > 3:00pm
Saturday’s:10:00am > 12:00pm


We will still be operating a contactless service for our customers to pick up required stock – similar to ‘click & collect’.
Orders will need to be placed prior to pick up.

You can place orders in the following ways:

We will be adding a list of our 50 most popular products and prices to our website over the coming days.


All orders should be paid for prior to pickup by calling our shop to process a credit card payment over the phone.

We will not be accepting cash payments during this period.


The time and date of pickup will be arranged at the time payment is made.

When you arrive for pickup please call or text to notify us that you have arrived.

Please remain in your car and we will bring your stock out.


Our understanding is that under the current restrictions we are only allowed to attend properties under the following circumstances:

  • In an emergency – e.g. burst pipe

  • If the property is vacant/unoccupied – e.g. rental property or property under construction

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any serving which fits these categories.

Unfortunately, this means that any non-emergency jobs (including regular servicing) will be postponed until further notice.

The governing body for the pool and spa industry (SPASA) is currently seeking clarification on whether pool and spa servicing is considered essential, which means the above restrictions on on-site servicing may change. 

We will communicate any updates as we receive them.


We will be continually improving our contactless processes and services we can offer during this period.

To provide updates we will be using the following channels:

To ensure we can provide you with the latest updates, please like our Facebook page, and we have also created a form that you can fill out so we can update your phone/email address in our system.

Click here to access the ‘Update Details’ form.

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